How Scootable Outshines its Competitors in the E-Scooter and E-Bike Rental Market

The world of e-scooter and e-bike rental is becoming increasingly competitive, with many companies vying for market share. However, one company that stands out from the crowd is Scootable. Here are some of the key advantages that Scootable has over its competitors:
  1. Integrated Platform: Scootable is an all-in-one platform that offers both e-scooters and e-bikes. Unlike its competitors, who often specialize in one or the other, Scootable provides a complete range of rental options, catering to a wider range of customers. (more…)

Top 10 Must-Have Features of Scooter Rental Software and Apps

As the popularity of e-scooters continues to grow, more and more scooter rental companies are popping up, offering convenient and affordable rental options to riders. But in order to compete in this fast-paced market, it's essential to have a reliable and user-friendly scooter rental software or app. Here are the top 10 must-have features of any successful scooter rental software or app:
  1. User-friendly interface: A good scooter rental software or app should have a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to locate and rent a scooter. (more…)

Scootable – The All-in-One Platform for Sustainable Mobility

As cities around the world look for ways to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and promote sustainable transportation, sharing mobility companies are emerging as a key player in the field. With services ranging from e-scooters and e-bikes to car sharing and ride-hailing, sharing mobility companies are providing a range of options that make it easier for people to get around in a more sustainable way. (more…)

We are proud to announce that we are a part of TİM-TEB Startup House!

Scootable, as a part of the EIT UM family, has made significant progress in the European entrepreneurship ecosystem as of January 2023; we proudly announce that we are a part of the TIM-TEB Startup House family, which we see as the most important accelerator program in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of our country. We hope that thanks to this program and cooperation, we will achieve a much faster growth both in our country and in our target markets, and as one of the leading enterprises of TIM-TEB Venture House, we will continue to represent our country successfully in micromobility sector. (more…)

Scootable Announces Investment From EIT Urban Mobility to Accelerate Growth

Scootable announces equity investment from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility, a European Union initiative for the future of urban mobility to accelerate growth. The investment will be supporting expansion of the business and growth of the company. (more…)

GDZ Electricity E-Mobility Workshop

We attended the Gdz Elektrik workshop titled “Electric Network and Charging Ecosystem: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions” on November 4th! Starting with the question of “How can we make service areas a center of attraction for e-mobility”, we talked about the future of the distribution channel, ecosystem stakeholders and solutions to infrastructure problems. (more…)

Bike Sharing System

Bike Sharing System or Shared Bicycle System is one of the most important components of the micro-mobility ecosystem. Although shared scooter systems have become very common in recent years, the bicycle still maintains its polarity. Scooters are mostly devices that appeal to the 15-35 age group. However, bicycles are means of transportation that can be used easily up to the 65+ age group. For this reason, shared bike systems have a much wider customer base. Let's get to the part that interests us. Scootable is a micro mobility IOT platform. Although scooter is mentioned in its name, it operates in a vehicle-agnostic manner on a wide scale from scooter to bicycle, car, sea and air vehicles. Therefore, the software we developed is suitable for scooters as well as bicycles and other micro-mobility vehicles. You are only interested in choosing the model of your bike, we have all the difficult processes from payment systems to invoice system integrations, from sms integrations to IOT integrations.

How Can I Startup Shared Scooter Business

This sentence is the question we have heard the most in recent months. How can I startup shared scooter business or bike, e-bike, moped etc. In general, how to start a micro mobility company? To set up a micro mobility firm, you need 3 key suppliers. The first of these is the software company that will provide you with a mobile application and management panel. Micro mobility software is complex software that works integrated with many third party systems such as payment, IoT, SMS, accounting integrations. Therefore, it is vital that you start with software that has been tried before and that people actively use. (more…)

Teltonika IOT Integratıon Is Completed!

Teltonika IOTs, which we have been integrating for a while, are fully compatible with the Scootable platform as of June 2022. Thanks to this integration for the TST100 and TFT100 models, we have expanded the Scootable platform for many vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric forklifts, as well as electric scooters. For Teltonika branded IOTs other than TST100 and TFT100 models, the Scootable Platform has been made integrationable. For projects where other IOT models will be used, integration can be completed with a very fast process. TST100 IoT is also compatible with these scooter models; Segway MAX G30 - Segway MAX Pro - Segway MAX Plus - Segway ES2 - Segway ES4 - Xiaomi M365 - Xiaomi M365 Pro - Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 - Fitrider

Scootable for Micromobility Solutions

Micromobility has been developing rapidly in the world in recent years. One of the most important reasons for this trend is its significant contribution to the efficient use of time by its users. Scootable is a software platform that allows vehicles such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, and cars to be rented in a shared model. Our main product is a software solution for micro mobility systems. That product is a device agnostic solution. By the way, companies/municipalities can use this software with e-scooters, bikes, e-bikes, cars or whatever they want to use. Our pricing model is a kind of SaaS model. They pay us for device per month or some alternative methods.  Scootable has a lot of features. Some of main features is these;
  • Rent and End Trip
  • Payment Integrations
  • IoT Integrations
  • Earthquake Mode
  • SMS API Integration 
  • User Friendly Admin Panel
  • Awarded UI Design
  • Advance Statistics
  • Available for hybrid lock (Which is suitable for both docking system and dockless system at the same time)
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