Bike Sharing System

Bike Sharing System or Shared Bicycle System is one of the most important components of the micro-mobility ecosystem. Although shared scooter systems have become very common in recent years, the bicycle still maintains its polarity.

Scooters are mostly devices that appeal to the 15-35 age group. However, bicycles are means of transportation that can be used easily up to the 65+ age group. For this reason, shared bike systems have a much wider customer base.

Let’s get to the part that interests us. Scootable is a micro mobility IOT platform. Although scooter is mentioned in its name, it operates in a vehicle-agnostic manner on a wide scale from scooter to bicycle, car, sea and air vehicles. Therefore, the software we developed is suitable for scooters as well as bicycles and other micro-mobility vehicles.

You are only interested in choosing the model of your bike, we have all the difficult processes from payment systems to invoice system integrations, from sms integrations to IOT integrations.

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